Working with Schools

Involvement of children from design concept to completion

We work with both Primary and Secondary schools

We customise our project to your needs

The children may be involved at nearly every stage in the process from design concept to completion. Projects are custom made to suit your requirements, budget and the number of pupils taking part. » Find out more about us


CIMG1975Designs can be based on your chosen theme. One approach is for the children to produce drawings/ideas in class. These can be sent to us in advance so we can prepare a suitable composition.

Let us know of any text or logos to be included. Alternatively we can create a design for you here in the Zantium Studio.

  • Welcome to our school signage
  • Curriculum related themes
  • Marking a special occasion or anniversary
  • Enhancement of school buildings or playgrounds

Practical workshops

CIMG1982We recommend small groups of children are rotated throughout the day to allow maximum participation. After school sessions can allow parents and the wider school community to take part.

A typical project could involve between 1 and 5 days of practical workshops in school.

Preparation, grouting/finishing and framing is carried out by the artists.

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